Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pictures for your viewing pleasure

I'm actually starting to get the hang of this. Here are some pictures of our trip back east in April.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

One down, three to go

The family reunion season has begun. We just returned from the first of four consecutive weeks of family reunions. Not much to report on this one. It was hot, it rained, it was hot and muggy, it rained some more, we left. That about wraps up the reunion.
Seriously though, it was fun. Olivia had fun, well people had fun with Olivia.
We are going back to Tabiona this weekend for another of Trisha's family reunion and then next we are going up Provo Canyon for the only reunion I have. You would think with all the branches on my family tree I would have more. Oh well, I don't think there would be enough time to go to all of them. I enjoy going up Provo Canyon. We run the river and then we sit on the edge of the property and watch everybody else go down the river. I think my cousin-in-law and I are taking over dinner responsibilities from my Grandpa this year, that should definitely be interesting. I haven't heard for sure but it was hinted at last year.

Another week has gone by and I am still without a calling. My bishop told me the ward had plans for me when I got released, it has been two weeks and no phone calls, well except for the one to speak in church, we did that today. Not too shabby. My wife is awesome. She brought the spirit with her talk and I did enough not to offend it so it was there for the duration of the meeting. I am in no rush for a calling, it's just weird not having one after being in the Young Men's program for the past two and a half years as secretary and then president. I don't think Trish has had the luxury of resting. She has received other callings while still serving in a different calling. I don't know what she would do with herself if she were not to have a calling.

In other news and thinkings, not too many happenings right now, I am looking forward to end of next month. High school starts again and with it a chance to return to the sidelines and write about high school football. While I am slowly trying to find ways onto a newspaper staff full-time I have enjoyed my falls moonlighting and doing stringer work for The Salt Lake Tribune. I am also considering entering a contest to be a blog writer for the Jazz. I entered last year and was one of the final 50 considered but I didn't make the final cut for whatever reason. The deadline on that one is approaching fast, so we'll see if I get around to actually doing anything with that.

We are looking forward to getting scores back for Trisha's final she took two weeks ago. She has already passed the final but they gave her an option to take it again and try to get high honors, she only had to retake half of it because she already qualified for high honors on the other half. She has been going through a home schooling course to be a medical transcriptionist. We would like for her to stay home with Olivia, and any future children we may have, but she would like to do more than just stay home. I am grateful for her and her desire to help.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The first of many

And so it begins that we might finally catch up and actually keep and maintain a blog.

We'll see what happens.

As for the details? The brief summary is this, after high school Gary went to the University of Kansas for a couple years, messed up his wrist in a forklift accident (smooth one), finished his Associate degree at SLCC, served a mission in Italy. Trisha went to school at SLCC and then Utah St. before deciding to go on a mission. She served in the Maryland Baltimore mission. After we both got back from the missions it took some time to figure out what we really wanted but long story short, we were married June 3, 2006. We struggled through a miscarriage in the late summer of '06 but were blessed with the birth of our first baby, a little girl we named Olivia in July 2007. We celebrated our honeymoon in November '06 in Italy and Switzerland and look forward to going back there again, Gary hopes within the next 5 years. This past April we took a family trip back east to Maryland (to see where Trisha served during her mission), Washington D.C., Palmyra, and Niagara Falls. Definitely worth seeing.
There have been other events along the way that we will detail later as well as posting some pictures for your viewing pleasure.