Friday, August 15, 2008

and some words to follow the pictures

Well I have a little bit to get caught up with. Trish has been doing a wonderful job in getting the most recent photos we have uploaded.
I've uploaded a slideshow of the happenings of the past 10 or so days. It includes the zoo (Trish took Livi and went with her grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins), a bruising encounter with the stairs for Olivia, the Atkinson family reunion, and a trip to Snowbird.
I also received news that I made the second round of the Jazz blog writer competition, though I needed a little help with my entry for the second round. I left for the reunion on Friday the 8th. After I left an email was sent to me advising me that I had made the second round and I needed to have my next entry submitted by midnight Sunday. Well I didn't have a chance to sit down check my email and write until Monday morning when I got to work. I sat down pounded out 250 words for my submission and pleaded my case. I was told it would be accepted without a problem. Now I am just waiting to hear any word for the next round. Here is what I wrote:

Defense? We don't need no stinking defense . . . wait, that's what the Jazz have, a stinking defense. When Utah plays team defense they are tops in the league, the problem is buying "Defense wins championships."
Team philosophy is staying in front of your man, contesting shots, keeping your man from going baseline while forcing him to the middle, to what though? An open space? Utah has lacked a shot-blocking big since the days of Mark Eaton. While Ostertag could have filled the role, he never wanted to. The best shot-blocking big on the roster plays in Croatia, Ante Tomic. Kirilenko is a help defender when it comes to shot blocking. Memo can be solid, but extending to block a shot isn't happening. Collins' best contribution to defense is bodying-up his man while playing mind games. Millsap's athleticism helps but his body type is a tweener, too big and thick for a small-forward but too small for a legit power-forward/center. Let's not talk about Boozer's want for a defensive skill set. Koufas and Fes are projects.
The Jazz' best option for defense starts on the outside. D-Will, Brewer, Price, and Brevin Knight's addition gives Utah four quick, handy guards that must keep their man outside. Harpring is slowing down after his 300th knee surgery, but he's still "crafty." "Kutcher" Korver tries, and we'll leave it at that. Questions remain for Miles and Almond, both are above average offensively, but if either could guard a dead horse they'd be starting.

So that is what I have right now.

Tomorrow is the final of the reunions for this year. I found out earlier this week that my dad's side of the family is actually going to have a reunion next year, so I am looking froward to that.
Also happening tomorrow is the Salt Lake City version of Ferragosto, an Italian festival. I'll be checking that out before the reunion.

I just finished watching the Raiders second preseason game, eventhough it's preseason I still have to watch. Eventhough, third and fourth stringers are playing down the stretch I like seeing the longshots, as long as they don't lose the game. Well, that didn't happen tonight. However, it was nice to see Quinton Ganther, from the U., put up some big numbers.
Now I am watching the Olympics and some quick thoughts are Michael Phelps is amazing, lucky tonight, but still amazing. And Usain Bolt from Jamaica, the world-record holder in the 100m in track, just made the 100 seem like a walk in the park, nobody should be able to run that fast that easily. I'm jealous.

Picture update


Before we headed out to our 3rd family reunion up Provo canyon, Trish was packing things out to the curb. Olivia had followed her out the door and down the stairs doing just fine. After going in and out a few times, Olivia decided that she could go down the cement stairs forward. That did not
work out for her too well and she skidded to a
stop on her forehead. Here are the pictures taken later that day after the fall. OUCH!!! Trish felt awful as she picked Livi up and watched her head turn into a large red, black and blue goose-egg.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Zoo!

Here we are sitting on the tigers! Aren't we CUTE!!

Riding the new carousel at the Zoo!

Olivia rode the train standing the entire time so she could get a good look!

Peek a Boo! Livi didn't want to get out of the egg!

Trip to the ZOO!

This is Olivia, Lyndzee, Keegan and Hanna in front of the white alligator at the Zoo!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We'll see what happens

So I submitted my entry into the Jazzbot blog writer competition today. The deadline is actually tomorrow so this might be the first time that I have actually done something without waiting until the last minute. If you would like to read, here is my entry.

Red and blue divide my family. Whether it is Utah-BYU or Republican-Democrat we have our heated discussions. But there has always been one thing that has brought us together, Utah Jazz purple. Well, that changed a couple of years ago. Seeing staunch Ute fans wearing blue was a happy day for some and a sad day for others.
No matter the color now, the love for the Jazz spreads through generations. From my grandparents, to my in-laws, and now to my daughter, who has not missed watching a game with her daddy, the pick and roll brings us all together with one ardent passion.
Despite the passion for our team we get critical of the players and coaches we adore. Bad shots. Poor effort. Oh, but there are times when it all seems to come together. Pick and pop. Money. Harpring coming off of a curl. These are the times that lead us all to say, “You gotta love it, baby!”

Monday, August 4, 2008

A post for my wife

So over the past week Trish has discovered the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer. Don't know if I will read them, though the little bit I have read over her shoulder and teased her about has been a bit interesting. Anyway, these links are for her.